The School

At Ascot we offer private, semi-private, and group English riding lessons for adults and children in the Hunter/Jumper discipline. Classes are structured to accommodate all age groups and experience levels, and students attend class each week throughout the year.

Ascot riding students are matched to a suitable horse or pony and continue to work with that horse or pony. Riding one horse or pony over an extended period of time helps students build a good working relationship with their lesson horse, which in turn enriches the learning experience. Students transition to other mounts as their experience level or interests change. Occasionally, a student may ride a different horse or pony due to changes in the schedule or other unforeseen circumstances, but for the most part horse and rider pairs will remain consistent.

Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors place emphasis on the classical principles and practices of correct equitation and horsemanship while ensuring that safety is a priority and the learning experience is enjoyable for everyone.


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